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Award-Winning Leave Software

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Award Winning Leave Software Singapore

Award Winning Leave Software Singapore

Leave application through your phone

Check your available leave balance on phone, and apply for leave on the spot. You can even take pictures of your Medical Certificate, which will be sent directly to your manager.
As a manager, you will get a push notification each time your employee applies for leave.

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One click approval

When your employee applies for leave, their manager immediately gets an email notification with the details of the leave, as well as information on other team members on leave during that period, letting him approve/reject the leave on the spot.

JustLeave also allows for up to 2 levels of approval.

Award Winning Leave Software Singapore

Absence management can't get easier.

Childcare Leave

Key in the date of birth of the child and JustLeave will automatically allocate necessary childcare leave based to the latest regulations.

MC Submission

Your employees can attach Medical Certificates to each sick leave submission online or through the mobile app.

Leave Calendar

Company wide calendar sharing allows you and your employees to know who is on leave at a glance.

Totally Customisable

JustLeave is flexible to cater any leave policy. It automatically calculates entitlement based on seniority, years of work, joined date and probation period.

Leave Encashment

JustLeave automatically calculates leave encashment and no pay leave, and syncs it with JustPayroll. 


Leave Pro-ration

When an employee joins or resigns, JustLeave automatically prorates their leave based on the rules you define.

Carry Forward

If you carry forward leave, JustLeave provides you with multiple options and transfers them automatically.

Customised Reports

JustLeave provides customisable reports, giving you a good overview of your company. Being on the cloud also means that all your reports are up to date.

Award-Winning Leave Software

HR Vendors of the Year 2016
Best HR Management System – Bronze

HR Vendors of the Year 2015
Best HR Management System – Silver

HRM Asia Readers Choice 2016
Winner of Best HR Tech – HRMS


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