Just Does It All

Track your workforce in real time – anywhere and everywhere.


Employees can simply clock in or out of work by just pressing “IN” or “OUT” via any mobile device. A photo is then captured and verified through facial recognition powered by AI, so with this all-new and innovative attendance system – you can be assured that no buddy punching is in play.

On The Go

Staff working from remote or staff who are
mobile can clock in directly from their iPhones or
Android phones in real time.

Information at
Your Fingertips

Track your decentralised workforce in real-time, allowing you to manage all of your staff from the comfort of your very own desk. All time and attendance data are consolidated on the cloud so when you use this system, there’ll be no more travelling to multiple locations across Singapore to collect timesheets! Real-time attendance tracking ensures system accuracy and enables a timely follow up as necessary.

Just Gets It Right

Automated to ensure the utmost accuracy and compliance.

Smile For The Camera


When employees clock in or out, the time, location, and a photo is verified using facial recognition. This photo is also captured in real time to ensure accuracy, which eliminates ‘buddy punching’ and other common forms of misuse.

On Alert


JustClock automatically compiles a list of absentees and latecomers daily, so you can keep up with your dynamic workforce.

In Sync


JustClock is automatically updated with employees’ leave calendars and syncs with JustPayroll to calculate overtime payment according to both MOM policies and company-set policies.

AI Facial Recognition 


Each photo captured is automatically run through AI facial recognition technologies to verify your employee’s identity. If the employee’s clock in or out photo does not match their approved photo, the manager will receive an alert.

Just The Way You Need It

Tailored to your unique requirements.

Unlimited Combinations


Create unlimited rosters and shifts to track and manage your part time/shift employees’ working hours each month.

Choose Your Clock-in Method


JustClock uses off-the-shelf hardware, such as iPads, tablets and mobiles. This means no complex setup or wiring to install.

Precision Touch Tracking


Check out Singapore’s mobile biometric time and attendance system on the cloud! It allows for fingerprint authentication without the hassles of complicated hardware installation and manual data extraction.

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