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Singapore HR Compliance Guide

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Singapore HR Compliance Guide 2023

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HR compliance 2023

Did you know?

One of the biggest HR challenges in Singapore is keeping up with the ever-changing HR regulations. Failure to comply to these regulations may lead to penalisation for your business!

Be sure to stay updated with the latest regulations with JustLogin’s Singapore HR Compliance Guide 2023.

What You'll Learn


Latest HR Compliance Updates

Stay up to date with the latest in Singapore's employment law for 2022.


Leave Entitlements and Regulations

Overtime entitlements, public holidays and the types of leaves available to employees and workers.


Running Payroll in Singapore

What to include in your itemised payslips, the latest CPF contribution rates and regulations on salary deduction.


Information on Work Pass and Permits

Learn about the different types of work passes that are available for foreigners working in Singapore. 


Termination and Retirement Guidelines

How to go about retrenchment, retirement, re-employment and the regulations that entail.

Take charge of your HR processes with confidence.