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Track employee attendance

Create any number of shifts as needed, employees can clock in on mobile with face recognition and geofencing, and you can track employee attendance located in multiple sites online in real-time. Overtime hours and pay can be automatically calculated according to MOM regulations, so you’ll always be compliant.

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Leave on the go

Employees and managers can easily apply and approve leave, and check their leave balance and shared leave calendars via the mobile app. You also have the option to automatically convert overtime hours into off-in-lieu hours or days.

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Automate payroll

Have the flexibility to pay employees by daily or hourly rate and set different pay rates for different days of the week, be it weekends or public holidays. Your retail employees can also access their payslips anywhere, anytime via their personal mobile app.

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Personnel Files

Store all of your employee records, documents and notes securely on the cloud. You can set reminders for important dates like your employees’ work pass renewal deadline so you will never forget.

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Why Owndays loves using JustLogin

“With JustLogin’s payroll, we shortened the process from 1 week to 2 days. JustLogin allows us to focus on things that matter, like employee engagement, internal training and improving staff benefits instead of wasting time on paperwork.”


Owndays is a leading optical shop in Japan with 26 outlets in Singapore. When they first expanded to Singapore, they realised that they needed a more streamlined HR approach to help them manage their workforce. With JustLogin, they have saved numerous man hours on administrative work and have improved employee satisfaction.

Ronald Chen

HR Manager, Owndays Singapore
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