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Last updated on 16 December 2019

REL System

Customer Story

REL Systems is one of the leading Queue Management solution providers in the region. First established in Singapore, REL Systems has expanded with regional offices in Kuala Lumpur and Yangon.

“JustLogin’s solutions save us a lot of time, as most of the work processes have been cut down. Before this, everything was done manually.”

– Freda Lau, HR Administrator, REL Systems

Business Challenges


Facing an increase in the number of staff, managing manpower became a heavier task for the REL Systems HR department. What started out as a basic way to manually track and administer staff leave and salary was no longer efficient. As the company headcount grew, payroll calculations and leave tracking became increasingly more time consuming and difficult. It became evident that the existing HR processes wouldn’t scale to meet the company’s needs as it continues regional expansion.

JustLogin Solutions


REL Systems implemented JustLogin’s JustPayroll and JustLeave modules, greatly alleviating many of their HR inconveniences. They chose to utilize the mobile application to offer employees the capability to apply for leave and view payslips on their mobile devices. “JustLogin can be used anywhere as long as our staff have access to a computer and network. They can submit their leave and check their salary slips, while I can work on salary matters anytime without restrictions,” Freda commented.

Implementation Results


Since implementing JustLogin’s solutions, the company noticed a huge increase in productivity and efficiency in HR tasks. Payroll and leave can now be managed anywhere and anytime from the Cloud. From the automated tracking of salary and time off, to easy access on-the-go, JustLogin has revolutionised REL Systems’ HR processes. “JustLogin’s solutions save us a lot of time, as most of the work processes have been cut down,” said Freda Lau, REL Systems’ HR Administrator. “Before this, everything was done manually.”

As REL Systems continues to grow, JustLogin’s solutions are fully scalable, and easy per-user-billing allows REL to pay only for what they need while offering the flexibility to simply and efficiently scale up as they need it.

Short Profile

JustLogin REL

Industry: Software
Employee Count: 18
Country: Singapore
JustLogin Solutions: JustPayroll and JustLeave

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