Refresh Group

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Last updated on 2 November 2018

Refresh Group

Customer Story

The Refresh Group brings health and beauty services through its five brands to deliver professional and exceptional care for the body and mind of those who seek a healthy living.

“Our company saved 80% in time spent by HR on payroll and leave administration.”

– Elson Lee, Director, Refresh Group

Business Challenges


When a business thrives, it inevitably faces challenges that come with rapid expansion. For a growing service organisation like the Refresh Group, the Human Resources (HR) team must manage an increasing number of employees who are scattered around a increasing number of stores all over the island. This resulted in a strain on Refresh Group’s existing HR infrastructure – payroll and leave administration were becoming a constant challenge. Their payroll turnaround was becoming slower and their lean HR team struggled to manually update and check leave information for employees in their 20 branches.

JustLogin Solutions


The Refresh Group turned to JustLogin’s JustPayroll and JustLeave to help them automate payroll runs and leave management. JustPayroll and JustLeave’s integration also allowed the HR team to transfer any leave-related pay adjustments easily for pay calculations. For Refresh Group employees on the ground who have no access to computers, they can apply for leave, check their leave balances, and viewitemised pay slips through their mobiles.

Implementation Results


After using JustPayroll and JustLeave, the Refresh Group’s payroll turnaround time decreased from seven working days to just one day. Refresh Group saved 80% of time spent by HR on payroll and leave administration, allowing them to improve productivity and save costs. With these newfound operational efficiencies and resulting rejuvenation of staff satisfaction and morale, future expansion plans for the Refresh Group look very promising.

Short Profile

Industry: Health & Wellness
Employee Count: 250
Country: Singapore
JustLogin Solutions: JustPayroll, JustLeave

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