AI-Powered Recruitment

Elevate your hiring strategy with Justlogin’s innovative recruitment system, integrating the power of ChatGPT for smarter, faster, and more effective talent acquisition.

AI Candidate Ranking

Efficiently assess and rank candidates based on their qualifications and experience, enabling you to make more informed and quicker hiring decisions.

AI Candidate Comparison

Evaluate and compare candidates objectively by analyzing key attributes, skills, and qualifications, facilitating informed and efficient hiring choices.

AI Candidate Summary

Effortlessly summarize candidates' qualifications and experiences, providing a comprehensive understanding of their suitability for the role at a glance.

Features for a Smarter & Faster Hiring


Flexible Job Openings

With a range of flexible job openings, candidates can choose positions aligned with their preferences, skills, and desired work arrangements, fostering a dynamic workplace.


AI-Generated Interview Questions

Easily generate questions tailored to each job, ensuring a comprehensive assessment based on the job requirements. you can now optimize the interview process like a pro!


Candidate Sourcing

Leverage Al algorithms to efficiently attract top talent from diverse sources, helping your organizations to build strong talent pipelines for hiring needs.


Comprehensive Audits & Reports

Access comprehensive audits and reports with actionable insights and analysis. Make data-driven decisions to optimize operations and ensure compliance effortlessly.


AI Recommended Job Description

Effortlessly create compelling job descriptions that attract the right candidates by entering the relevant industry, skills, and preferences.


Automated Resume Parsing

Enjoy how the system automatically extract and organize essential candidate information from resumes to relevant fields, saving you lots of time.


Hire Smart, Hire Fast:
Unleash the Power of AI

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can JustLogin Recruitment AI module help in screening resumes?

Yes, the module can screen resumes efficiently by analyzing keywords, skills, experience, and other relevant criteria specified by the recruiter, thereby speeding up the recruitment process to avoid downtime.

2. How does JustLogin Recruitment AI module match candidates to job positions?

The module leverages advanced matching algorithms to compare candidate profiles with job requirements based on various factors such as skills, qualifications, experience, and preferences, ensuring better alignment between candidates and roles.

3. Does JustLogin Recruitment AI module provide analytics for hiring decisions?

Definitely! With JustLogin Recruitment AI, you can leverage on AI-generated analysis to evaluate and compare candidates by analyzing the retention likelihood, skills and qualifications. This approach helps mitigate the risk of hiring mismatches, ensuring a more effective recruitment process.

AI Recruitment

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