Singapore-founded HR solutions provider JustLogin makes real-time payroll payments a reality with InstantPay – powered by LiquidNow


Singapore-founded HR solutions provider JustLogin makes real-time payroll payments a reality with InstantPay – powered by LiquidNow

by Yi Ting
January 13, 2023

JustLogin leverages its new LiquidNow feature to enable users to pay their employees via FAST or PayNow in real-time

SINGAPORE, 10 January 2023 — JustLogin, the pioneer of cloud-based HR solutions in Southeast Asia, announced today the launch of InstantPay, powered by Liquid Group, a leading cross-border digital payments provider. Leveraging Liquid Group’s Corporate Payment Portal —LiquidNow — and its direct connection to FAST, JustLogin users can now make payroll payments to their employees in real-time.

The new feature — the first of its kind across Asia Pacific — eliminates the need for generations of bank files and shortens the lead time for processing payroll payments from two or three days to real-time. This enables employers to react faster and make immediate payments to their employees rather than being held hostage by bank cut off times or holidays.

“In today’s increasingly fast-paced workplaces, organisations will always be one step behind if they need to process payroll payments days in advance. With InstantPay powered by Liquid Group, our customers can regain control over their processes and take on a more agile approach to handling payroll payments. JustLogin is committed to staying at the cutting edge of HR and being the first to add such innovative features to our portfolio of award-winning solutions,” said Chan Chiou Hao, Chief Operating Officer at JustLogin.

“Many industries today are relying on gig economy workers, independent contractors, and freelancers. There is also a rise in on-demand pay-out options for workers on payroll. By utilising our connection to real-time payment rails, both domestically and cross-border, we aim to help businesses move funds and process pay-outs in a smarter and quicker way. It is very exciting for us to follow this journey with JustLogin and see the growth of InstantPay and how it enables their customers to be better equipped to handle these new various working models”, said Jeremy Tan, Chief Executive Officer at Liquid Group.

Match Resources, an HR Consultancy and payroll partner of JustLogin, was among the first to adopt InstantPay for payroll payments of employee’s salaries.

“The days leading up to payday used to be a mad rush to meet bank deadlines. Since switching to InstantPay, we have been able to accommodate those deadlines and allow last minute changes to our payroll payments without constraints. This gives us greater flexibility and makes payroll a less stressful affair,” said Valerie Song, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Match Resources.

JustLogin customers are now able to use InstantPay as part of their subscription to Payroll at no additional cost. To learn more, visit https://justlogin.com/instantpay

About JustLogin

A leading cloud-based HR software for People, Payroll, Leave, Attendance, Expense, Mobile App and SafeClock, JustLogin aims to provide the best employee experience for small to mid-sized businesses. Founded and headquartered in Singapore in 2000 as the pioneer of cloud-based applications, JustLogin is used by over 2500 customers in over 25 countries today. For more information, visit www.justlogin.com

About Liquid Group

Liquid Group Pte Ltd is a fintech company headquartered in Singapore and with presence across the Asia-Pacific. It provides domestic and cross-border digital payment solutions for companies across B2B, B2C, P2P and C2B segments. For more information, visit www.liquidpaygroup.com


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