JustLogin and MyCLNQ Health collaborate to bring access to a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem to SMEs and their employees


JustLogin and MyCLNQ Health collaborate to bring access to a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem to SMEs and their employees

February 7, 2023


JustLogin’s latest integration with MyCLNQ Health empowers employees to manage healthcare needs with a host of digital choices at their fingertips.

SINGAPORE, 7 February 2023 – JustLogin, the pioneer of cloud-based HR solutions in Southeast Asia, announced today the integration of JustLogin with MyCLNQ Health, a leading healthtech app based in Singapore. With the touch of a button on the JustLogin mobile app, JustLogin users can access a wide range of digital healthcare services from telemedicine, medical transport booking, to digital health screening via Single Sign-On (SSO).

The collaboration makes JustLogin the first HR tech company in Singapore to integrate digital healthcare services into its platform, enabling Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and their employees to benefit from MyCLNQ Health’s comprehensive, yet affordable ecosystem. Employees can take care of their healthcare needs with a convenient, one-stop solution fully integrated with their HR system, while SMEs can easily manage their health and wellness programmes to improve employee satisfaction.

“Employee wellbeing is increasingly critical for SMEs, not only to ensure productivity among your talent but also to retain them over time. Through our collaboration with MyCLNQ Health, JustLogin is leading the industry and enabling the convergence of HR tech and healthtech for the benefit of our customers,” said Kwa Kim Chiong, Chief Executive Officer at JustLogin. “This integration will progressively extend across JustLogin’s entire suite of features, including Benefit, Leave and Payroll, to seamlessly address the administration of healthcare for employers and employees alike,” he added.

“MyCLNQ Health is excited to partner with JustLogin to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. With a comprehensive family healthcare ecosystem readily available via JustLogin, employees are empowered to take care of themselves and be more engaged in getting personalised care and self-care decisions, while employers benefit from a happy, healthy workforce minus the hassle of sourcing and implementing complex programmes,”said Anwar Rafique, Chief Executive Officer at MyCLNQ Health.

JustLogin customers are now able to use MyCLNQ Health as part of their subscription, chargeable on a per consultation basis. To support SMEs in their adoption of an integrated healthcare programme, JustLogin and MyCLNQ Health are extending an exclusive waiver of consultation fees for the first five consultations per company and 20% off any subsequent consultations in the first three months of MyCLNQ usage. To learn more, visit https://justlogin.com/myclnq.

About JustLogin

A leading cloud-based HR software for People, Payroll, Leave, Attendance, Expense, Mobile App and SafeClock, JustLogin aims to provide the best employee experience for small to mid-sized businesses. Founded and headquartered in Singapore in 2000 as the pioneer of cloud-based applications, JustLogin is used by over 2500 customers in over 25 countries today. For more information, visit www.justlogin.com

About MyCLNQ Health

MyCLNQ Health Pte Ltd is a Singapore based healthtech company, focused on connected health also known as technology-enabled care (TEC) which involves the convergence of health technology, digital media, and mobile devices. For more information, visit www.ssivixlab.com/myclnq/


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