JustLogin launches SingPass Mobile login


JustLogin launches SingPass Mobile login

by Yi Ting
November 11, 2020

Password-less and secure access to HR matters

Singapore,21 November 2019- JustLogin announced the launch of SingPass Mobile login on their system. The SingPass Mobile app enables convenient and secured user login, where you can enjoy direct, password-less access to HR matters, including payroll, leave and attendance information.

Safe and Secure Login with Singpass Mobile 

The current password system is open to security risks and abuse when people use easy-to-guess passwords or share them freely with others. However, when users set difficult passwords, they tend to forget them and need to reset their passwords often. 

With SingPass Mobile login, you can log in easily and securely, with your fingerprint or face recognition. It also serves as a 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to protect your personal data. 

“These days, people have many accounts and passwords to remember. It can be hard to remember the passwords for apps you only use few times a month. Many people may start to rely on their browsers to remember these passwords for them. However, this is an insecure method. There are over three million registered SingPass users in Singapore. A majority of the local workforce has a SingPass account which they can now use to access both government and private sector digital services. Thus, it is very convenient for many users to log in to our HR system,” said Mr Kwa Kim Chiong, CEO, JustLogin.

About JustLogin Pte Ltd

A leading cloud-based HR software for Payroll, Leave, Time & Attendance and Expense Claim applications, JustLogin aims to provide the best employee experience for small to mid-sized businesses. Founded and headquartered in Singapore in 1999 as the pioneer of cloud-based applications, JustLogin has grown to over 2000 customers based in over 25 countries today. For more information, visit https://justlogin.com.

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