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Performance Management System

Automate your employee engagement, employee development, and performance appraisal processes on a single platform.


End-to-end continuous Performance Management Software that is simple yet futuristic.

  • Business leaders & managers get more visibility on the goals/KPIs and achievements, competencies.
  • Empower your employees with continuous coaching and development-focused feedback.
  • Relieve your HR department of time-consuming administrative tasks and follow-ups. Spend less time and effort on performance evaluations. Digitize!
  • HR personnel can focus more on strategic employee engagement and development activities.

Achieve performance-driven productivity with effective goals management.

  • Set the right SMART goals to bring clarity and transparency
  • Update achieved metrics throughout to monitor the progress
  • Have continuous feedback conversation tagged to specific goals, that can be referred during appraisal feedback
  • Enable matrix goals management for the modern, non-linear organization hierarchy
  • View goal status reports of employee, team & organization

Continuous feedback for continuous development & recognition

Why wait until the end of the year to express your gratitude or provide feedback? Employees and the work they are executing benefit from receiving the appropriate feedback at the right time. With JustLogin’s constant feedback, you can make it in-the-moment and effective.

  • Recognize your employees’ achievement publicly – Post your appreciation instantly through continuous feedback
  • Share your performance & development feedback right away to maximize productivity
  • Tag your feedback to specific goal for easy follow up and future reference
  • People Managers can share virtual awards to the colleagues
  • Redeemable reward points can be awarded
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Periodic performance reviews for effective performance management.

Switch from the standard once-a-year performance assessment to completely automated multiple periodic reviews to monitor your employees’ real-time performance trends. JustLogin allows you to receive self-feedback as well as input from different managers for a comprehensive performance assessment with adjustable rating factors.

  • HRs can easily set up & administer multiple performance review cycles
  • Automatic alerts & notifications steer employees through every step of the process and complete the performance reviews on-time
  • Self-feedback and multi-level managers feedback for comprehensive performance evaluation
  • Options to conduct multiple periodic reviews such as monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual reviews
  • Options to conduct both rating and non-rating type feedback reviews

Insightful performance reports & dashboards


The ready-to-use people and performance analytics help you make data-backed HR decisions that can boost employee engagement and performance. The powerful JustLogin visual dashboard summarizes the people and performance status and action items at one convenient place.

  • Comprehensive people management reports from personal details, passport details to work experience and skill set reports enables prudent mapping of talents with projects.
  • The New Hire and Attrition reports highlight the people movement trends for HR
  • Perception Gap Analysis report reveals the variance between self and managers rating
  • 9-Box Analysis helps you discover the employees who are in various growth stages from non-starters to high-flyers
  • A wide range of performance management status reports, summary reports, and analysis help strengthen your strategic HR practices

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Fully Integrated Performance Management

JustLogin is more than just Performance. Our complete HR platform is fully integrated for the best experience.


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