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Automate payroll

Payroll administrators can also enjoy payday with JustLogin. Calculate SSB contributions automatically. Generate tax files such as Form 15 & Form 16 easily, and submit them directly from JustLogin. Your employees can also access their payslips anywhere, anytime via their personal mobile app.

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Leave on the go

Employees and managers can easily apply and approve leave, and check their leave balance and shared leave calendars via the mobile app. Automatically assign leave entitlements based on job grades and year of service. Easily carryforward leftover leave to the new year based on your carryforward policies.

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Expense without paperwork

Employees will love the fully mobile-enabled expense management app for a fuss-free expense claim experience - just snap, scan and send. The expense report will flow seamlessly from one approving officer to another. Upon approval, easily reimburse employees by integrating directly to Payroll.

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Safe access to your workplace

Protect your employees and workplace with SafeClock, an all-in-one temperature scanner, door access and attendance tracker. Employees can access the workplace securely via facial recognition. Upon recognition, their temperature and attendance are captured in real-time. Get notified when employees are running a fever and easily manage flexible work arrangements.

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Why Wargaming just loves using JustLogin

“The overall implementation process was easy, breezy and convenient. JustLogin’s solutions have made our lives easier by automating these tedious HR tasks, allowing us to better focus on other aspects of our work. Time spent on leave, payroll and claim duties have been cut by over 60%.”

Wargaming is an award-winning online game developer and publisher and one of the leaders in the free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) market across PC, console, and mobile. Founded in 1998, Wargaming has shipped more than 15 titles and employs over 4,000 professionals across key regions such as North America, Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia.

Vivian Cheng

HR Manager, Wargaming

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