2019 Guide to Filing Employee Earnings SG

Posted in eBook | by Yi Ting on 16 January 2019

Last updated on 26 July 2019

IRAS Filing

2019 Guide to Filing Employee Earnings Singapore

Preparing for IRAS Filing in March but wondering how to begin?

Here is a 2019 guide to help you cruise through this tedious annual process.


In this guide, you will understand:


  1. The required tax files to submit
  2. The right channels for form downloads and submission portals
  3. Filing differences between companies under AIS & companies not under AIS
  4. Filing differences and steps required for companies with and without Payroll software
  5. Importance of Directly Integrated Payroll Software with IRAS
Download this useful guide today to enhance your HR tasks productivity.
IRAS Filing
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