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Spend your time on people, not paperwork.

One Stop

JustLogin is a one-stop integrated HR software that helps you with your payroll, leave management, time attendance & scheduling and claims management processes. We’ve streamlined the HR experience so your employees can fulfill all their HR tasks on JustLogin mobile app.


Freedom From Paperwork

You’re free! Free from paperwork, that is. Say goodbye to physical payslips, leave application forms, time-sheets and claim reimbursement forms. Everything is on the cloud, hosted on the internet so you can complete all your HR processes without paper.


Save Time

Automate your processes with a peace of mind knowing that JustLogin got you covered on all Singapore HR government regulations. With the time saved, you can play to your strengths: improving employee engagement, training and benefits so you can attract and retain the best people.


Compliant to Singapore Regulations

Payroll, Leave and Time Attendance are all automated to ensure accuracy and compliance.

IRAS Forms


Automatically generates IR8A, Appendix 8A & 8B documents pre-populated with your employee payroll information. All IRAS documents are updated based on latest regulations in Singapore.

IRAS Submissions


If you are part of the Auto Inclusion Scheme (AIS), you can submit your tax files to IRAS directly with a click of a button or export files for other submission methods.

CPF Calculations


This payroll software automatically calculates CPF and mandatory contributions for each employee, and also generates the relevant files for e-submission.

Latest Leave Statutory & Public Holidays


Our leave management system is always updated with the latest statutory leave requirements and public holidays. So you’ll never have to worry about keeping up with your employees’ changing leave entitlements, including childcare leave.

Overtime Regulations


Overtime can be tracked by our time attendance system and paid in accordance to MOM regulations for overtime limits and overtime pay rates for eligible employees.

Salary Calculations


Working and overtime hours are automatically calculated for salary calculations. Clear records and audit trails ensure no room for disputes between you and your employees. 

Integrated HR Modules

Tailored to your unique requirements.



Save time on your payroll runs without worrying about accuracy and compliance. It’s all processed automatically according to the latest regulations.

Leave Management


Leave entitlements can be automatically calculated based on factors such as seniority, experience, probation period or join date. And no more paperwork – employees can apply for leave on their mobile and even upload supporting documents like medical certificates.

Time Tracking & Scheduling


Clocking in and out is simple – just one click on an iPad (or other device) mounted at the entrance. Employees working remotely? No problem. They can clock in to work from any mobile device and the system will capture a photo and location in real-time.

Expense Management


We’ll bring expense claims online and eliminate the tedious paperwork. Employees just scan and upload to the claims application, which then routes to appropriate managers for approvals.

Benefits Management


Define multiple benefit types for employees, including medical, dental, and optical, plus you can customize your own. Transparent and well-defined benefits bring greater employee satisfaction. Employees can also make their claims through JustLogin.

Personnel File


Store all employee data such as personal details, education & skills, employment history and digital documents at a single location. Access anywhere.






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