Just Does It All

Process claims without paperwork.

Go with
the Flow 

JustExpense, our intelligent workflow engine, allows for any level of approvals via a routing form; seamlessly passing from one manager to the next – one click is all it takes.

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On The Go

It’s the all-in-one expense management, reporting and reimbursement software that you’ve always wanted in Singapore! With the all-new app, you can submit expenses, scan receipts and create expense reports all on your mobile. This expense reporting software also enables managers to approve expense reports via the app.

Better Together

JustExpense syncs with JustPayroll, so you can reimburse employees along with their salaries. Not only does JustExpense allow for a seamless expense reimbursement, but this software also allows you to integrate the existing financial application you currently use in Singapore.

Just Gets It Right

Expense reporting software automated to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Easy Attachments


Receipts and invoices can be attached to each claim submitted, which is then routed to designated manager(s) and finance department for approvals.

Where Did You Go?


Fill in the destination address, and JustExpense will automatically calculate mileage distance and transport expense – it’s the expense management software that just makes it easy.

Get It Right


As the leading expense management software, JustExpense automatically tabulates net amount, GST and VAT to ensure you get it right, every time.

Be A History Buff


With this expense management and reporting software, an audit history is generated for each claim, so you can track the status and identify any bottlenecks.

Just The Way You Need It

Expense reporting and management software tailored to your unique requirements.

The Right Fit


When you use this expense reimbursement software, you can configure claim forms to suit your individual requirements here in Singapore. We’ll also work closely with you to create more fields or a different workflow.

Formulas For Success


Create custom formulas and aggregate expenses in multiple currencies with the leading expense reporting and management software in Singapore! JustExpense will take in your requirements and exchange rates and calculate these automatically.

#1 HR Software For Your Business

Award-Winning HR Software

Simply the best expense claims for your business.

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