Expense claims can’t be easier.


See how eClaim integrates with Google maps for accurate mileage calculation.


Calculate mileage automatically

Fill in the destination address, and eClaim will automatically calculate the distance and the transport expense. 


Intelligent workflow engine

eClaim will automatically route each claim and form submitted to the appropriate managers via email. eClaim allows for up to 10 tiers of approvals, routing seamless from one manager to the next.




Process claims without any paperwork.

Multi-level Approval

Claims submitted get emailed to the manager for approval which can approve with one click. eClaim allow up to 10 levels of approval.

Audit History

An audit history is generated for each claim, so you can track the statuses and identify any bottlenecks.

Receipt Attachment

Attach receipts and invoices for each claim you submit, which is routed to your manager and finance department for approval.

Auto Calculations

eClaim calculates exchange rates, net amount, GST, VAT and custom formulas automatically.


Claim forms are customisable to suit your unique requirements. Speak to us about having more fields or a different workflow.

Payroll Integration

eClaim syncs with Payroll, so you can reimburse your employees along with their salaries. We can also integrate eClaim to your existing financial application.

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