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Owndays is a leading optical shop from Japan with 26 outlets in Singapore. Owndays work hard to give their team a unique working experience and a transparent working culture. JustLogin allows Owndays to focus on priorities like employee engagement, internal training and improving staff benefits – instead of wasting time on paperwork.

290 Employees




JustPayroll, JustLeave, JustClock, JustPeople

The Cat Cafe

The Cat Cafe is a place where anyone can come and spend a relaxing time with cats and a cup of coffee. Jefferson leads his small team to create this loving home for the cats and to share the joy they get from the cats with their visitors.

13 Employees


Food & Beverage



Greenfield Advisory

Greenfield Advisory is an asset management and investment firm. Santhe, Greenfield’s HR Manager, manages HR function for Greenfield Advisory and a dozen other businesses under Greenfield. JustLogin helps Santhe keep track and react to changes in the company and also frees the HR team to focus on other matters, such as improving employee engagement.

22 Employees




JustPayroll, JustLeave


Torvald Klaveness

“The constant innovative improvement by JustLogin such as the mobile app for payslip, clocking in and out, and leave applications has impressed my new staff as we are pro digitalization and JustLogin is a good fit as our service provider. ”

27 Employees


JustPayroll, JustLeave

Four Seasons Catering

“It takes time for our staff to adapt, but slowly they have understood the importance of accurate time-tracking and are getting used to the new technology which has helped to improve late attendance issue by 60%.”

100 Employees

Food & Beverage



“We dramatically reduced the time we take to do our payroll. We don’t need to keep entering the same numbers in multiple systems anymore… Every minute that we save allows us to concentrate on doing more things that directly help us to achieve our mission.”

15 Employees


JustPayroll and JustLeave


“The overall implementation process was easy, breezy and convenient. JustLogin’s solutions have made our lives easier by automating these tedious HR tasks, allowing us to better focus on other aspects of our work. Time spent on leave, payroll and claim duties have been cut by over 60%.”

45 Employees

Game Development

JustPayoll, JustLeave and JustExpenses

Pan Abrasive

“The greatest benefit is the peace of mind we get by using JustLogin’s solutions. We no longer have to worry about accuracy of payroll and leave calculation, giving us more time to work on improving employees’ quality of life in the office, as well as their overall welfare.”

35 Employees


JustPayroll and JustLeave


“JustLogin is a one stop solution for all the HR functions we need. The seamless integration and flexibility of the system allows for efficient completion of what would otherwise be tedious administrative duties.”

122 Employees

Food & Beverage

JustPayroll, JustLeave and JustClock

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