Revolutionizing HR at Hollandse Club with JustLogin: A Success Story  

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About Hollandse Club  


Industry: Sports and Leisure 

Employees: 25+ 

The Hollandse Club is a vibrant sports and social community that embraces diversity with over 40 nationalities. Boasting numerous amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, a gym, and more, it’s not just a club; it’s a home for families. From poolside dining to Kids’ Club activities, it’s a place for both relaxation and lively events. 

With event spaces suitable for any occasion, the Club offers a welcoming atmosphere for networking or hosting gatherings. Throughout the year, a diverse range of events and activities keeps the community engaged and connected.  

However, managing HR complexities in such a diverse setting can be challenging, and that’s where our story begins – with the Hollandse Club seeking a partner to make their HR processes smoother. That partner? JustLogin. 

The Challenges 

Imagine this bustling community hub facing a data chaos – endless Excel Sheets for attendance, leave, and payroll. It was like navigating a maze of paperwork for leave and overtime, with forms flying around, multiple approvals, and the constant worry of losing important documents. It was time for a change, a simpler way to handle things. The dream? Managing payroll and attendance, anytime, anywhere on any device, or even better, doing this at the beach, sipping a glass of refreshing cocktail! 


Every day, employees at various posts – from friendly receptionists to hardworking housekeepers and diligent office workers – swiping in and out with their ID cards. Picture them navigating the vast expanse of the club, with multiple buildings to conquer before even reaching their designated workstations. A bit like a daily adventure, but not always the convenient kind. 

Partnership Between Hollandse Club and JustLogin!  

Hollandse Club was in search of an HR solution that could seamlessly adapt to their work style without causing major disruptions. They desired a cost-efficient option that could scale rapidly. JustLogin proved to be the perfect ally—a cloud software solution and friendly guide. The user-friendly interface initiated positive changes, significantly simplifying the HR landscape. The straightforward setup, particularly during challenging Covid times, showcased JustLogin’s remarkable adaptability. The clock-in and clock-out mobile features performed like magic for remote work scenarios, enhancing operational efficiency. 


Key Modules – The Pillars of HR Brilliance 

Attendance: In the lively rhythm of Hollandse Club’s daily operations, efficient shift management is paramount. JustLogin’s Attendance Module, finely tuned for the club’s unique needs, introduces innovative features for a dynamic dance of flexible schedules. It helps to create unlimited roster and shift combinations effortlessly, simplifying the management of employees’ working hours. The shift roster calendar provides a comprehensive view, facilitating easy editing and tracking. Meanwhile, employees can stay in sync, checking their rosters on the go via the mobile app. It’s more than just a tool; it’s the heartbeat of HR efficiency, adding a jazzy flair to enhance the entire department’s functionality. 

Leave: The club aims for a high level of accuracy in calculating leave balances and attendance, given that the entire pay structure relies on these factors. JustLogin’s Leave module ensures precision, incorporating approvals and regulations at all levels, enhancing visibility into employee hours and absence metrics. Hollandse Club’s employees can now easily monitor hours, check leave balances, and apply for leave from their mobiles. The module acts as a timekeeper, tracking breaks and time-offs hassle-free, ensuring everyone gets the needed breather. 

Payroll: At Hollandse Club, the payroll journey has undergone a complete transformation, bidding farewell to hassles with built-in compliance features perfectly aligned with MOM, CPF, and IRAS regulations. JustLogin provides over 20 different reports, making the review and comparison of diverse payroll data a breeze for the business. Employees can easily access and download their itemized payslips from the mobile app or online portal, saying goodbye to the days of physical distribution.  

It’s not just about payroll for us; it’s a harmonious blend of compliance and efficiency, ensuring we’re doing payroll right,” claimed Sheryl Dongor, HR Director. 


Unlocking HR Excellence with JustLogin!

JustLogin has made a significant impact on the day-to-day operations of both HR and employees at the club. The introduction of digital processes for leave approval and location tracking has not only provided valuable insights but also resulted in increased efficiency. The transition from traditional manual, paper-based methods to a digital platform has notably enhanced the speed and accuracy of HR operations. 

  • Time Savings: The transition to JustLogin resulted in a remarkable reduction in manual paperwork processing time, saving the HR team an average of 20 days (about 3 weeks) annually. 
  • Efficiency Gains: Workload efficiency increased by 30% following the implementation of JustLogin, streamlining processes and reducing administrative overhead. 

JustLogin’s customer support is the backbone of our HR success at Hollandse Club. Their commitment to timely assistance and direct calls reflects a dedication to a robust support system. It’s not just responsiveness; it’s a testament to their commitment to excellence in HR technology. – Sheryl Dongor (HR Director) 


Innovating Tomorrow’s HR: JustLogin Beta Testing 

Hollandse Club actively engages in beta testing JustLogin’s new modules, including AI (Artificial Intelligence) recruitment, on/offboarding, and custom forms. This strategic move showcases the commitment to staying at the forefront of HR technology, exploring innovative solutions to enhance recruitment processes and streamline on/offboarding procedures.  

Future Plans: Growing Together with JustLogin 

As we look ahead, Hollandse Club is excited about working more closely with JustLogin. The idea of smoothly adding a performance management tool fits perfectly with their focus on getting better and making things simpler. This ongoing teamwork is the proof of doing HR well, showing how using technology smartly can lead to more growth and smarter ways of doing things. At JustLogin, we’re happy to be part of their success and look forward to continuing our journey together for better HR management.