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Established in 1984, Four Seasons Catering has worked hard to establish itself as one of the top buffet caterers in Singapore. With more than 25 years of experience in the business of buffet catering, Four Seasons Catering offers much more than just buffet style catering but also food catering services with its mini buffet and party box offerings. It offers complete catering solutions for all clients.

““It takes time for our staff to adapt, but slowly they have understood the importance of accurate time-tracking and are getting used to the new technology which has helped to improve late attendance issue by 60%.” ”

– Evannia Huang, HR Manager, Four Seasons Catering

Business Challenges

It is no easy feat for Four Seasons Catering to build its way up to one of the top caterers in Singapore. Managing manpower could be a nightmare as the catering business expanded with more comprehensive solutions to meet clients’ needs. It was difficult to monitor staff attendance across its central kitchen, delivery service and headquarter. Manual tracking of time-attendance posed problems such as longer tabulating times for staff timesheets, longer lead time to follow up with late staff attendance issue and generally slowing down the productivity of HR operations.

Implementation Results

The new time attendance system allows Four Seasons Catering to track its decentralized workforce in real-time. JustLogin’s mobile application allowed employees to clock in and out with facial recognition and geofencing which ensured the accuracy of the organization’s staff time-attendance. It has also helped Four Seasons manage rostering, calculation of OT hours and staff under-work hours more effectively.

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