CPF Calculator

CPF Calculator

Calculate your CPF and SDL online for free with JustLogin’s CPF Calculator Tool.


For a complete payroll software compliant with CPF, IRAS and MOM, try JustPayroll. JustLogin provides a full suite of integrated HR modules including Payroll, Leave, Attendance and Expenses that allows you to easily automate your HR processes. Provide better employee experiences with JustLogin with our beautiful mobile app built with your employees in mind.

CPF Calculator

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“Our payroll process shortened from 1 week to 2 days.”

– Ronald Chen, HR Manager, OWNDAYS Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s through our mobile app or easy-to-use dashboard JustPayroll is a payroll software that just keeps on giving. Through automated calculations that are compliant with CPF and IRAS regulations in Singapore, our team of technical experts will help integrate the online software into your business, which is as easy and convenient to maintain. So that you and your company can focus on the bigger picture.

Absolutely! Our payroll software automatically calculates CPF and mandatory contributions for each of your employees, and it also generates relevant files for your employees to download if they so wish to.

Yes, absolutely! What makes our payroll software stand out is that it’s all-inclusive. Whether it’s with CPF calculations or other essential government documents, we regularly update our software to ensure that everything is up to date and compliant to government regulations.

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