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Customer Story

Established in 1971, CBM is one of Singapore’s leading integrated facilities management firms, providing value to their clients through their wide portfolio of services.

“About 75% of HR time was saved, freeing our HR staff to focus more on other tasks.”

Kalvin Hoe, IT Executive, CBM

Business Challenges


For CBM, developing their business meant pushing to acquire and retain the best employees to serve their growing list of clients. Expansion to Thailand, Qatar and Taiwan required their HR systems to support a greater number of employees. “The staff’s daily clock in / out data was processed manually and the records had to be manually keyed in into the HR system as well,” said Kalvin Hoe, IT Executive.

Through an internal audit, CBM identified bottlenecks in their processes. The employees’ working hours were recorded through a biometrics system that generated data which was not directly compatible with their existing HR systems. As a result, a team of eight people would spend hours weekly to key in and tabulate data to ensure the records were accurate for payroll.

JustLogin Solutions


The company began looking for a solution that could be easily integrated into their current HR system. They concluded that using JustLogin’s JustClock and JustPeople applications together would be the best solution. The low cost of set up and ease of use meant that the new solution could be deployed with minimal effort. JustLogin’s cloud software also enabled CBM’s offsite employees to clock in to their shifts easily via mobile phones and tablets while capturing their locations.

Implementation Results


JustClock gave the managers on the ground greater mobility because they could access employee attendance data anywhere through their mobile devices in real-time. With just a press of a button on the app, the employee’s photo, clock-in timing and GPS location are captured and sent into JustLogin’s HR Cloud from anywhere. Payroll runs became more efficient, too, because JustClock automatically calculates overtime hours and seamlessly exports data to the payroll team. “About 75% of HR time was saved, freeing our HR staff to focus more on other tasks,” Hoe said.

Short Profile

Industry: Facilities Management
Employee Count: 2100
Country: Singapore
JustLogin Solutions: JustClock and JustPeople

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