Bridging Divides – How HR Software can Supercharge your Decentralised Business

Globalisation and the all-consuming drive for efficiency has been the central driving force for the continued decentralisation of the world’s workforce. This has changed the way businesses and start-ups are shaping their employee base. Many businesses now prefer deploying a mobile workforce i.e. placing functions such as programming, sales, and operations in regional markets (with cheaper resources) that saves cost. A setup like this presents some interesting challenges. It’s not just the different time zones; there is also the different set of public holidays, new leave policies and, of course, different cultural mindsets.

With all these challenges, how do HR teams ensure that business operations still run smoothly? True enough, there’s an app (or rather, apps) for that!


Speeding Up Tedious Tasks

Efficient human resource management is the foundation of any successful business. It plays a key role in the smooth handling of recruitment, employee relations, compensation, training, tax calculations, and payroll processing. The adoption of cloud-based HR apps can be a game changer, speeding up tedious administrative HR tasks.

As an example, Justlogin software such as eLeave only requires that you do a one-time setup of all the different leave policies in each country that you are operating in. You can then easily manage all incoming leave applications from your different offices all in one dashboard. Similarly, eClaim also takes all the fuss out of managing multiple claim systems by allowing you to manage claims from multiple countries on a single platform. Managers can also easily approve claims of employees from other offices. An added bonus is that eLeave and eClaim can also be seamlessly integrated, allowing for a one holistic view of your employee leaves and claims no matter how fragmented your workforce is!


Enhancing Overall Business Efficiency 

Adopting cloud-based technology for HR can lead to a massive competitive advantage. Why? Because HR software enables businesses to virtually centralize the back office processes of a physically decentralized workforce.

Data-heavy processes and tasks like keeping track of company payroll and employee claims take up a huge chunk of time in one office. Imagine if you had to do it for 5? In this case, the automation and flexibility that HR cloud software provides is critical in ensuring that your multi-country operations are as efficient as possible.

With ePayroll, you can customize your pay items as needed. Whether it’s a reimbursement or a deduction, all you need to do is key in the required pay items and it will automatically display in an itemized pay slip. The software also allows you to set different payrun schedules. A must if you have part-time or freelance staff, or if the countries you are operating in have different salary schedule policies from your HQ.


Empowering your Staff

Another great benefit of using cloud-based software is that your employees can have access to their company information anytime, anywhere, on any device. With multiple offices and a diverse heterogeneous mix of people, a central dashboard where employees can keep track of their leaves and other personal benefits reduces the need for back and forth emails from HR staff and employees. This also empowers employees by making planning their personal trips that much easier. Want to see how this works? Check out our eLeave system.

Times are changing, and organizations should not be afraid to change with it. The cloud offers a lot benefits that can help businesses stay agile and efficient despite the fast-paced, decentralized nature of today’s workplace. The biggest risk would be to miss out on the advancement cloud offers to HR and the entire organization. 

Yi Ting Kwa

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