JustLogin: Who We Are, and Where We Came From


JustLogin: Who We Are, and Where We Came From

by Yi Ting
February 6, 2017

Intro to the Series

Like any great business, our success story has a common root – it all began with an idea. We understood that anything could be improved upon, but we never expected just how much we needed to do to help fix – and ultimately revolutionise – HR solutions for businesses of all categories and sizes. It was this sentiment that motivated us to help companies focus on keeping their workforce and associated functions organised, alleviating a lot of the administrative burdens plaguing so many HR departments to this day. Thanks to our efforts spanning almost two decades, we have been able to achieve just that. 

2017 marks Justlogin’s 17th anniversary, showing how far we have come from a humble startup to one of Singapore’s award-winning pioneers of HR Cloud software. We are proud of our success, and decided to celebrate this monumental milestone in a three part interview series with our founder and CEO, Mr. KC Kwa.

Over the course of the next three weeks, we will be airing one weekly interview with KC. The first interview is about how Justlogin came about, the second interview will be on the challenges faced by Justlogin and the final interview will touch on the changing HR landscape in the last 17 years. We hope that you will enjoy our upcoming series as Justlogin looks forward to the next 17 years of HR innovation. 

A Brief Background

Set up as an offshoot of ST Electronics Ltd., Justlogin emerged in 2000 (just one year after software development began), with a paid-up capital of $2.75 million. Thanks to the help of our investors, along with the knowledge and skills of our founding staff, we have taken our vision of raising employees’ quality of life through HR Cloud software solutions and turned it into a reality.

Our software, including (but not limited to) ePayroll, eLeave, eTimeclock and eClaim, gives businesses the tools to manage a variety of complex functions, reducing painstaking labor and errors.

Over the years, our client base expanded to include everything from small/medium sized businesses to notable names like AT&T Asia Pacific, Boston Consulting Group, IKEA, Air France and Civil Service College.

Along the way, Justlogin has received a variety of awards, including the Bronze and Silver awards for “Best HR Management System” and “Best Payroll Software” respectively at the HR Vendors of the Year Awards 2016 and the “Best HR Management System” at the HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards 2016.

Most notably, however, we received the Enterprise 50 award in November 2016. This recognised our success and acknowledged our contribution to the betterment of Singapore’s economy.

The Founding of Singapore’s First Cloud HR Software 

Aside from providing proven HR Cloud software service and improving the accuracy and efficiency of a plethora of companies, Justlogin has a history as rich and unique as the support we provide.

From Small Roots

Since his days as a public sector employee in the early 1990s, KC Kwa was no stranger to good ideas. His passion for improving the lives of his colleagues and staff at work, led him to excel at his job as head of the IT department of DSO National Laboratory. 

“I love innovations and had many ideas to automate the manual processes,” he says. A major advantage of government work was that he had the necessary resources at his disposal to experiment and polish existing manual methods and streamline them into a more automated process.

But when KC left his public service position in 1995, the difference was staggering. Much to his dismay, the private sector’s methods were predominantly manual. It was a stark contrast to the freedom and innovation allowed by his public sector counterparts. 

The biggest obstacle appeared to be cost. “Not many companies could afford or were willing to invest in such software, especially the SMEs,” Kwa explains. But he was not about to take this lying down. “I thought, if I could develop the software, put it on the Internet and allow any company to use it, wouldn’t that be great?” Thus, in 1999, the seeds of Justlogin – and HR Cloud software in Singapore – were sown. 

Companies are painfully aware of how hard it can be to track certain functions. As KC explains, “Every company needs to run payroll, allow employees to take leave and pay employees OT… but calculating CPF, tracking leave balances and working out OT pay are no simple tasks.” Justlogin has made these functions easier in unprecedented ways.

The bottom line is that “There was a gap, and I [Kwa] decided to focus on HR software to fill this gap. We want to provide our customers with a reliable, secure, affordable and user-friendly HR software.”

This is the first part of a three-part series to commemorate Justlogin’s 17th Anniversary. 

Part 2: Read here to learn about the challenges faced by Justlogin’s founder and the advice he has for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Part 3: Read here to learn about how the HR landscape has changed in the past 17 years.

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