What’s it like to work in Tech?


What’s it like to work in Tech?

by Yi Ting
August 26, 2016

At Justlogin, we prioritise people, and believe in the need to provide tangible talent development opportunities for young graduates and students through internships.

In this blog post, we asked our former intern, Hua Shin, to share with us his experience and the lessons he learnt during his 6-month stint here in our company.

During the time after completing my national service, I was fortunate enough to be granted an internship opportunity at Justlogin. Like how most internships start, I was initially clueless about Justlogin as a cloud-based solutions provider and the nature of its operations. I started work on my first day feeling uncertain about myself as well as the job that I was supposed to do. Fast forward to five months later, I am glad to say that I have left with greater knowledge of how Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) works and many new friends as well.

From the Old to New

When I first started, I expected much more administration work, like getting coffee or manual data entry, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, I was assigned to help with the business operations. In the first week, I attended trainings conducted by the company to understand its different modules. It surprised me that the company was already assigning me to the in-depth stuff right away!

I worked with the Implementation Team in helping to set up new accounts for clients. It may sound easy, but it took a lot of time and precision to get right.

The implementation process was not easy because files from clients usually came from legacy databases, which tend to contain formatting inconsistencies. The data had to follow certain system rules before we could successfully import them to the system. Often, I encountered errors and had to input everything manually instead, which took more time. I soon realised the mistakes were actually very small, like misspelt words in some fields and wrong date formats.

This very tedious task of managing data from old HR systems made me realise why there really is a need to move on to more modern automated solutions.

Understanding Needs is Key to Good Customer Support

Next, I moved on to help out with the Support team. Initially, I was tasked to tidy up old support requests. As time passed, I was given more responsibilities in the support role, including  answering basic questions and calling up clients for follow-ups. Soon enough, I was able to answer calls and address queries by myself. The transition from being nervous about the first follow-up call to answering calls from clients with confidence was a surprise for me. Through my experience with different customers, I learnt that as a support staff, I would really have to understand each customers’ needs. This exposure has helped me become a better problem-solver.

Squashing Bugs

Last and certainly not the least, I also dipped my toes into feature and bug testing.

With bug testing, Justlogin takes a very rigorous approach. I definitely learnt a lot about the importance of reliability and security when important client data are in our hands. We worked hard uncovering bugs by constantly testing new and existing features. It was actually considered a good thing when we do uncover bugs for the development team, as this will allow us to fix these bugs before the clients discover it.  Through this experience, I saw one of the key qualities that the company emphasises in action – continuous improvement.

The Culture – Fast, Focused, Fun

Justlogin may have been around for more than a decade but its fast-paced culture could rival even the most nimble companies. I was able to observe the work from different departments due to the open work space in the office. This helped me to understand how each department worked.  The way the company is structured allowed tasks to move from department to department swiftly, minimising delays.


Of course, it’s not all serious work. Justlogin also focuses on team bonding. We had team-based competitions, jogging sessions, movie and game sessions. Winners of office competitions were rewarded with money for a ‘team fund’ to be used for lunches or other activities. These activities enabled us to have a good break from the stresses of the office and served as a reminder that there’s more to work life than just going to the office and sitting down for most of the day. 

In the five months of my internship, I learnt how a SaaS organization works and also improved my communication skills. I made many friends in the process and seeing how I was able to make a difference really gave me a sense of fulfillment. I believe my experience in Justlogin has shaped me for the better. If you are a new graduate or just looking for a new job and are having second thoughts about joining a SaaS/tech company, I highly recommend taking the plunge. You won’t regret it!

Want to work with us? Explore our available opportunities here: https://justlogin.recruiterbox.com  

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