Submit Tax Files Directly to IRAS with JustPayroll


Submit Tax Files Directly to IRAS with JustPayroll

by Yi Ting
January 12, 2017

From 2017 onwards, JustLogin users are able to directly submit tax files from JustLogin JustPayroll system to IRAS. You no longer have to go through the extra steps of downloading the tax files from the system, verifying it on the Validation and Submission Application and finally uploading it on the IRAS portal.

After checking that the tax files are accurate, submit the files to IRAS directly with a click of a button. Upon successful submission, a submission reference number given by IRAS will be reflected.

This is a new feature developed by Justlogin in collaboration with IRAS and we have successfully conducted pilot testing for this feature in 2016.

How is this relevant to you?

Under Singapore’s income tax laws, all employers are required to file employee earnings and prepare the required tax forms for all their employees who are employed in Singapore, by 1st March every year. Employers with 10 or more employees are required under the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) to submit the tax forms electronically. For employers with less than 10 employees, there’s no reason to not opt-in to the AIS when submission can be as easy as a click of a button.

Guide to Filing Employee Earnings

If you’re still not sure about the whole process of filing employee earnings and IR8A/IR8S/Appendix 8A & 8B still sounds unfamiliar to you, please read our Guide to Filing Employee Earnings in Singapore. The guide summarises key information about the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS), the type of tax files required, and how to prepare and submit tax files.

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