Payroll, Leave & Time Attendance Software Reviews- What You Need to Know


Payroll, Leave & Time Attendance Software Reviews- What You Need to Know

by Yi Ting
September 23, 2019

Sourcing for payroll, leave, and time attendance software seems an easy task until you take the initiative to do so. You find that you will stumble upon so many reviews online, and it might be challenging to determine which software is the best. 

1. Getting a software demonstration 

Although this is time-consuming, one is assured of obtaining relevant information about the software. When the presentation is in progress, make sure that you ask as many questions as possible to get the benefits that the software provides.

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Moreover, you should be knowledgeable about how the software works or have an expert with you. Raise concern over matters that you feel are not addressed, and from the answers provided, you can determine whether the software is suitable for your company. From a demonstration, you will be in a position to verify claims in online reviews and gauge the suitability of the software to your company. This is the most appropriate way to determine suitable software as seeing is believing. However, if a demonstration is not available, you may rely on other credible reviews online.

2. Platform software reviews

Platform software reviews might come in handy while in your initial evaluation and might help you eliminate software’s that are extremely poor. However, software’s with higher rating does not indicate as some of the scores might be cooked to impress unsuspecting business persons. For the ratings to be highly authentic, they need to be conducted by genuine experts. The ratings should also blend well with written reviews from previous purchasers. However, the reports might help one eliminate very low ranked software in the initial stage of sourcing for credible software. 

3. Social media reviews

Social media platforms are where people have the right to air their opinions in a less restricted environment. Twitter, for example, you can enter the company’s keyword as see what people are saying their company and make your conclusion about the software. LinkedIn, considered to be more professional, is likely to give reviews from companies and recommendations as well. However, one should not give much attention to the information sourced from social media. It might not be reliable unless the numbers are overwhelming, and cases of bias are minimal.


Reviews on software can be posted by anybody and therefore be biased and confusing.  It is still best to get a demonstration to bring you through the working process so that you have a clear picture what works best for you. If you’d like further information about HRMS, download our free ebook.

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