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Changing HR Landscapes

An Uncharted Landscape: Changes in the HR Industry

Ironically, one of the biggest certainties about business is that nothing is certain. Whether it involves changing client needs, shift...

Entrepreneurship advice from Justlogin's founder

Entrepreneurship Advice: Learn from the Challenges Faced by Justlogin’s Founder

One established fact about business is that there will always be challenges. Whether they are slow starts or dealing with...


Justlogin: Who We Are, and Where We Came From

Intro to the Series Like any great business, our success story has a common root – it all began with an idea. We...

Work-life balance

Work-Life Balance: How and Why We Should Support It

For several generations, work-life balance was never on the table.  People were happy to secure a job and would often...

Employee Onboarding

Why Should I Care About Employee Onboarding?

If you don’t believe that an employee onboarding program is critical to your business, think again. Believe it or not,...

Chinese New Year Office

6 Ways to Celebrate Chinese New Year in the Office

The end of year festivities has barely ended and yet another major holiday is around the corner. Chinese New Year...

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