Monday Motivational Office Playlist 2019


Monday Motivational Office Playlist 2019

by Yi Ting
July 5, 2019

Why we often wonder, Mondays are so far from Fridays and Fridays are adjacent to Mondays?

Monday Blues are real. Well, some ancillary help can get you through nine to five easily.

A study by Swedish streaming service Spotify demonstrated that streaming music is one of the perfect cures to deal with Monday Blues. The survey was conducted by Ipsos, which revealed that approximately 44% of people motivate themselves for work-week by listening to music.

So, just in case, you also need a little head start, to get rolling for the week, the music playlist needs to be very particular. But how to create the right playlist?

Don’t worry, we have saved you some time and made a list of the best Monday Motivational Office Playlist for you, chosen from the vast streaming music worldwide.

“Mr. Blue Sky” (Electric Light Orchestra) from Out Of The Blue

Welcome To The Human Race and E.L.O’s double album Out of the Blue hit the charts in 1977. It went platinum upon its release, multiple times.

‘Mr. Blue Sky’ is the 13th song of this super hit album. It is about a sunny and thrilling affirmation of how to deal with disappointments at the workplace. 

“Run The World Girls” from 4th Studio Album of Beyonce

It was a massive hit by Beyoncé in 2011. It was in the list of many Top Song charts for weeks of its release.

“Run The World (Girls),” is specifically for females, teaching them how to have leader-like qualities in them. It can be very helpful in magnifying their self-esteem and confidence. You will automatically begin to feel like things are changing.

“The Heat is On” from Beverly Hills Cop

This prolific song from the 80s by Glenn Frey and Harold Faltermyer from the album Beverly Hills Cop should be a must on the list.

The song hit the Billboard charts top 100 and bagged the 2nd position in Australia, 8th in Canadian Singles Chart and 12th in UK Singles Chart.

Nothing is comparable to the saxophone riff to keep the inner rush going.

“Won’t Back Down” from Full Moon Fever

Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down” topped the music charts in 1989 and became the most significant success of his career.

The song taught us how the courageous person should face his opposition. So, whenever you need a little spark of determination at work, this song will bring a breeze in your life.          

Moreover, if you want musical healing for your mental health and uplifts your mood, put this song in your Monday playlist.

“Stronger” from Can’t Tell Me Nothing

The song was the number one hit in 2007 worldwide and number 11 in Rolling Stone’s list of Top 100 Best Songs. It was also ranked 1st in Canada and 2nd in Australia and Ireland Weekly Charts.

“Stronger,” is a stone cold motivational anthem to gear up your life. It can be beneficial in boosting your confidence level and self-esteem.

Final Words

Music can, no doubt, provide auxiliary help to gear up for the whole week. The motivation and positivity must also come from inside as well.

The list mentioned above is just for a quick heads up for you. You can add your favorite genres and create a whole new swagger playlist. Stay Musical!

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