Enhancing Employee Experience with Mobile HR Platform


Enhancing Employee Experience with Mobile HR Platform

by Yi Ting
January 15, 2019

Employee experience is emerging as the preeminent competitive priority for organizations today.

In the world with growing influence of Millennials and increasing transparency, employees are expecting resources, development and advancement opportunities to be tailored to their professional and personal goals. Employees want consumer-grade experiences and just like a consumer who has a bad experience and moves onto another brand, your employees may also seek new experiences if their expectations are not being met.

In Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report, nearly 80 percent of executives rated employee experience very important (42 percent) or important (38 percent), but only 22 percent reported that their companies were excellent at building a differentiated employee experience. 

You may ask the question, ‘How will the focus on employee experience impact the bottom line?’  A research by Jacob Morgan, author of The Employee Experience Advantage shows that organizations that invested most heavily in employee experiences had more than 4 times the average profit and more than 2 times the average revenue.

This means that companies which want to accelerate their growth will need to invest in building digitally-powered HR practices and strategies that understand and continuously improve the entire employee experience.

A mobile engagement platform can become an organization’s secret weapon, promoting improved employee experience throughout the company. The attributes of mobile HR platform – simplicity, flexibility, convenience, personalization, and connection – meet what your employees have come to love, expect and demand as internal customers.

Mobile HR platform is based on design thinking that places “HR customer” in the center of the design and reshape the HR processes and interactions to match the needs of HR customers including candidate, employee, contingent worker, or even alumni.

For example, how easy it is to order on Amazon? You just have to click a button from anywhere. This is what employees’ want; that they just click a button and their minor tasks like leave request get done. Mobile HR platform like JustLogin makes the everyday small tasks simple. Thus, helping your employees improve their productivity and stay engaged on a daily basis.

The new vision for HR is an integrated app that can manage time and attendance, deliver on-demand video learning, send meeting reminders, support real-time two-way communication among the project team members, monitor health stats and review tax saving plans, and offering personalized recommendations all through the way. This will make work easier, more productive and more rewarding, thus redefining employee experience to a whole new level.

Mobile HR platform offers self-service and are “on-demand” and personalized for employees—giving them access to the tools they need 24/7. Employees can access their personal data as well as online manuals and forms, and initiate specific process at their end from anywhere 24/7. They can also automatically route tickets concerning their questions and requests to the relevant department to reduce the back and forth typically associated with HR administration and cross-functional collaboration; thus, creating a social, mobile and consumer-style experience.

Using mobile platform, HR can bring together all its systems including onboarding, learning, performance management, collaboration and coaching in a seamless app that improves employee experiences across the board. When these functions are moved to an integrated mobile HR platform in a thoughtful way, the employee responses compared to traditional systems also increase along with a significant improvement in employee productivity. Advanced mobile HR platform is based on personas of HR customers to address key pain points and bring targeted behavioral change. This dramatically improves employee engagement and retention.

Mobile HR platform provides an opportunity to revolutionize the entire employee experience by transforming HR processes, systems, and the HR organization via new digital platforms, apps, and ways of delivering HR services. It all begins with embracing digital mindset and capabilities by adopting social, mobile, cloud and analytics tools within the HR organization to build a more loyal and committed workforce and drive organizational growth.


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