10 Tips You Need To Know For JustMobile 2019


10 Tips You Need To Know For JustMobile 2019

by Yi Ting
August 26, 2019

Beyond cool office perks and great benefits, employees want great digital experiences that make work, work better for them. The enhanced JustMobile is 100% designed ground up with all new technology and API to make daily HR matters easier.

New Mobile Download

Our enhanced JustMobile is made compatible with any device, whether using an Andriod or IOS. To access JustMobile, simply download the new application below through Apple App store or Google Play store.

1. Customizable Dashboard

Create a personalized dashboard customizable to suit every employees daily HR needs. Pick your favourite widgets to make daily HR tasks easier. If you are always excited for payday to come, you may drag and drop “My Latest Payslip” to keep your dollars in sight.

If you are constantly travelling and concern about any Time-Attendance dispute, you may opt to include “Accumulated hours”, “Last Clock-In/Out” and “Upcoming Shift” to keep your work performance on track. We have also got you covered on leave application where you may display “Upcoming Leave” to remind you on your next leave dates as well as checking who is around through the “Colleague on Leave” calendar widget.

2. Familiar Features Access

Familiar features such as My Payslip, Apply Leave and Clock In/Out found on the initial version of the mobile application will remain on the new application.  We have made these 3 functions convenient through the quick touch “+” button for easy management of common HR matters.

3. New Leave Features

Apart from Leave Approval, Leave Cancellation and Leave Summary, you will now be able to view your colleague’s “Leave Calendar” to avoid leave crashes and better plan your vacations. You may also check your “Leave History” to recall the types of leave taken.

4. New Time Attendance Features

Our all new “Roster” feature allows you to plan and keep track of your schedule better, great for shift-based workers such as restaurant managers and retail managers. For HR managers, you will also be able to enable the all new “Geofencing” feature through your desktop, to better track your employee behaviours for different projects or operational movements.


5. New Payslip Feature

Our new “Download Payslip” feature not only allows you to have better visibility of your pay anywhere, anywhere, it also enhances efficiency on private matters such as HDB loan application. When a 6 months payslip record needs to be submitted to HDB, this feature comes in handy to make submission quicker without having to request for a physical payslip.

6. Contact Directory

Contact your colleagues anytime, anywhere without having to exit JustMobile to send an email or make a call. JustMobile allows you to call/email/message and add your colleagues to favorites instantly.

7. Notifications

Excited about your leave approval to go on a vacation? JustMobile will notify your leave status as soon as your manager approves it.

8. Announcements (Coming Soon)

Make company announcements such as Company Retreat and Team Meetings on JustMobile.

9. Access to Shared Leave Calendar

HR administrators can allow access to shared leave calendars on mobile. Your phone configurations will follow the web configurations.

10. Configurations Updates

All employees and HR managers will have to ‘Refresh Configuration’ whenever changes are made to settings on JustMobile.

Our team will be updating the FAQs for JustMobile on our website soon. We seek your patience and appreciate your continuous support. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to JustLogin’s support team: [email protected]

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