Job Search Tips 2019


Job Search Tips 2019

by Yi Ting
July 2, 2019

Getting a job is no longer as easy as it used to be, except you know the ropes of course. The recent tide of events although seemingly inconsequential have been shown to have major effects on the unemployment levels in major economies around the world. Major among these events is the ongoing trade war between China and the United States of America. The trade war which began in 2018 has affected a number of companies in both countries. The effect of the war has not been entirely positive for some companies which has either caused them to lay off some workers or reduce their hiring ability. The effect of this is that lesser opportunities for employment are available for more people. This obviously makes the process of job searching more tedious.

Considering the realities of job search in 2019, it is important that job seekers equip themselves with relevant information and skills. This way they have some advantage over the average job seeker which makes them comparatively more likely to get a job. These days, although being a smart and thoughtful candidate is good, it is not always enough. Another problem that job seekers also face is that there is a huge amount of advice available on getting a job. With a wide array of books, articles, tutorial videos and even personal recommendations from family and friends on how to get a job. Sadly, it doesn’t always work.

Know What You Want

It is important to know what you want from the beginning of your job. As much as possible get enough clarity on what you want and the reasons why you want that job. If you don’t get enough clarity at this early stage, the entire process of the job search becomes more tedious. To get an accurate idea of what you want, you might want to carry out some form of personal assessment. You could do this by using an assessment instrument that is standardized or you could use recommendations from friends and family. Some, however, prefer working with a career coach. Ultimately, the goal is to efficiently profile your personality in order to efficiently predict most suited career paths. From these options, you can then consider which is most in line with your goal. It is also important to carry out what is referred to as a “reality check”. This is to help ensure that your chosen career path is logical and your set goals are appropriate and attainable.

Develop a Plan

Once you have successfully chosen a career path, the next stage is to come up with actionable plans on how to get a job. Set a time-frame, compile a list of possible organizations you are likely to work for, compile a list of platforms you could use in the course of your search. If you are considering changing jobs within the same industry, you might have some advantage with the technicalities of the industry. However, if you are getting a job for the first time or are considering getting a job in a new industry, you might want to start equipping yourself with the relevant skills and knowledge peculiar to that industry.

Although most organizations go through a training process for new staff after hiring, equipping yourself with necessary skills gives you an advantage in the hiring phase. Employers want to hire people with some background knowledge about the job considering that they cost less time and resources to train them. Also, by planning your search, you can be strategic with applying for jobs. Certain jobs are seasonal and only have vacancies within a certain period. In the planning phase, you can monitor the hiring trends of the companies you are considering applying to and work out your plan around it.

Develop A Well Documented Career Profile

Once you are done with drawing up strategies to apply for your dream job. It is important to build a profile that is designed around your prospective job. All relevant experience and prior jobs and services rendered which is in line with the job you’re seeking should be in your profile. Studies have shown that the people that are most successful in their job search are those who are able to effectively able to communicate what they have done, the impacts of these activities and how these activities can benefit a potential employer. By coming up with an amazing resume, networking with the right people and optimizing your use of social media, especially LinkedIn, you can make your job searching process easier and more effective.

Don’t Rely Only on Online Applications

These days, it is easy to get a lot of information from the internet. However, it is also important to supplement any application submitted online with offline efforts. In most cases, organizations who put their recruitment notifications are often bombarded with a lot of resumes and applications. It, therefore, might not be a bad idea to do some follow-up after applying online in such cases. This, of course, becomes easier if you have contacts in such company that you could reach out to. And in instances where you can reach out to the Human Resource Manager or whichever manager is in charge of hiring, you might want to consider reaching out. This would validate your application and you are no longer seen as just an only application. And in instances where the organization lists out the requirements for the job and you are not a hundred percent match, you should still apply. If you meet the majority of the criteria, there is still a high chance that you would get the job.

Understanding these tips and implementing them in the course of your job search would help make your job search easier and more efficient. Especially considering the high level of competition in the job market. If you are currently on a job and are seeking a new job, you should also ensure you’re on top of that job, that way you can be sure to get good recommendations from your current employer and co-workers when you need it.

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