The Importance of Real-Time Visibility in HR


The Importance of Real-Time Visibility in HR

by Yi Ting
June 19, 2018

In today’s organization, employees and managers have infinite amounts of data to inform decisions and give insight into how to effectively manage business. Yet, are organizations making full use of these data?

The challenge arises when organizations either cannot clearly access and have no real-time visibility of this information or when the data exists in disparate systems. This prevents users from effectively utilising them.

The effort needed to bring the disparate data together to create a comprehensive view is time consuming and tedious. When handled manually, it will be with plagued with inconsistent and erroneous data results. Also adding to this challenge is the delayed response time with a lack of an instantaneous view.

Problems with a lack of real-time visibility

When it comes to HR-related data of your workforce, an accurate and readily-available data bank will come in handy. Keeping an updated employee data bank will help ensure you don’t run into any compliance or security issues. A lack of real-time visibility here may incur unnecessary cost if you run into such problems. Whether it may be to renew a soon-to-expire employment pass of your employee or enable your employees to claim certain medical benefits, stay atop of your HR game all the time.

Especially for retail and service-line industries, getting instant and real-time visibility is essential for the smooth running of business operations. To service customers, employees are required to be on a shift schedule, with an adequate manpower allocated for each shift. A lack of real-time visibility can be detrimental to businesses if employees suddenly call in sick and were late in informing their supervisors of their absence. In such cases, having access to such real-time views for the accountability of your employees can help to reduce disruptions to business operations.

Leverage on real-time visibility for better people management

Gaining real-time visibility of your workforce will help you become a more efficient HR professional and a better manager. It helps you to understand the needs and desires of your employees and find ways to empower them to contribute more to your business.

As a business, it is important to design a better working environment to help employees remain engaged and effective.

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace survey in 2017, only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs. Conversely, 85% are functioning below their potential – in terms of both their value to employers and the sense of fulfilment they derive from their work.

This is a worrying sign especially since 54% of unengaged employees would consider leaving their current positions when offered a 20% raise elsewhere. This is as compared to only 37% of engaged employees who would consider such a proposition.

So, before your employees become dis-or un-engaged, know how you can better allocate your resources to prevent such scenarios.

Simply put – better resource allocation (especially of people) yields greater efficiency. When employees feel that they are gainfully employed, they become more engaged with their job.

The tedious work of flipping through stacks of reports or toggling across multiple spreadsheets to acquire your employees’ data has ended. Data can now be visualized. Whether it is finding out who is on shift offsite or when an employment pass application will lapse, have this data readily available at your fingertips.

This way, you get a window into how all your people are doing and how you can help them do better.

Build for the future

Having a good understanding of your workforce will help you plan more effectively for the future. You will be better equipped to identify the potential leaders that can lead your company to greater heights.

It also helps you to think more clearly about your business strategy and the direction your business is heading towards.

Your people are your core assets. Support the top talents of your business and place them at the heart of your businesses’ future. Using the appropriate HR technology solutions, companies can gain greater visibility into people strategies across their operations. Let HR have the necessary information to guide workforce planning with the right resources in place. Deliver a greater employee experience to retain and engage your best talent.

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