How HR Cloud Secures Your Data


How HR Cloud Secures Your Data

by Yi Ting
June 10, 2019

Data Privacy and compliance are regarded as extremely important factors in Human Resource; however, many companies and businesses reportedly find it difficult to get things right as regards data security, privacy, and compliance. It is no news that potential threats storm the Human resource space through any dent or loophole; this constitutes the major reason why Digital data security is very paramount.

Why Data Security Is Critical for HR?

Companies always hire workers and new people to get different kinds of jobs done. In the process of effectively carrying out duties and meeting up to expectations, personal devices get interchanged with company devices; this suggests to us that there is every possibility that business data and personal data get mixed up.

Since human errors occur every now and then, confirmed data breaches can result due to this occurrence despite the fact that in-country laws exist to ensure data security in all ramifications. One of the compliance rules put in place to ensure that companies protect the data of their employee is The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Having examined the importance of Data Security, it is essential that we have a peek into cases of data security breaches. Research has it that security breaches emanate mostly from employees, stated below are some practical examples.

1. Simple carefree behaviors such as leaving unlocked a door that should be shut, and going for a coffee break can turn out to be a costly mistake because the security systems can be assessed and the personal data of the company, downloaded through unauthorized access. This is a practical means through which security breaches occur.

2. Leaving the computer unlocked with documents on display is another accidental means through which data breaching can occur.

The HR cloud simply uses a sophisticated architectural design to secure consumer data. This means that it provides a means of all-round protection for your company data. The HR cloud has essential distinguishing features which make it resistant to hacking attempts by unauthorized access. These features include:

1. Effective and Efficient Transmission of Data Over and Across the Internet

HR cloud is configured to use TLS/1.2 which is known to be the best, latest, unbroken and strongest method of data transfer as opposed to the use of HTTP which could not keep up as a secure data transmission mechanism.

 2. Adequate data protection from unauthorized access

HR cloud uses Dell/EMC hardware as well as AES256 bit encryption to ensure that all your data are encrypted and properly backed up. This is a mechanism referred to as “Secured-data-at-rest”. HR employees this efficient method because any faulty drive replaced and not properly disposed cans to serve as an instrument of data breach.

3. Partitioning the Environment

Multiple door zones are used by HR cloud to protect your data from any type of malicious Malware. It does not matter if some of the zones become compromised; your data still has the shield of protection under the covering of HR cloud.

4. Usage of Necessary Data Filtering Products from Multiple Vendor

Firewalls majorly allow authentic customer traffic between your partitioned environments. The type of firewall used by HR cloud allows for maximal protection against any sort of unauthorized access and data transfer.

5. Premium Protection of Information from Known and Unknown Attacks

HR cloud simply uses a host of next-generation endpoint and network protection schemes to provide adequate protection for your data from both known and unknown sources of attack.

6. High-Class Configuration 

In a bid to ensure that the HR cloud stays active and efficient in providing your data with all-round protection, it has been configured to use the same tools which hackers and hijackers use.

In a Nutshell

It is of utmost importance to note that the use of a strong password in combination with multi-factor authentication serves as the right prerequisite to access customer data; you can be rest assured that HR cloud effectively combines this in its administrative approaches.HR cloud is the best solution to data breaches, data security, privacy, and compliance issues. It is effective, time-saving and essentially safe to harness.

At JustLogin, we are ISO 27001 certified. This is a widely-recognized security management standard that dictates best practices and comprehensive controls for an information security management system (ISMS). Find out more about how JustLogin safeguards clients’ data here.

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