April Updates 2019


April Updates 2019

by Yi Ting
April 5, 2019


Better Payroll Report Exports

While we are continuously working towards better performance speeds for all your payroll report exports especially for those you with big teams, we have now implemented queue systems. Generate your report and come back to the page anytime to find your freshly baked report waiting for you.

Dynamic Monthly Salary Reports

Now you can sort, search and filter Report 21 on Express.


Pick a Profile Photo

Admins can now set up profile photos easily for all staff by choosing from their daily clock in photos.

Photo & Map Reports For All

Don’t be surprised if you see a new report if you’re a timeclock admin. We’ve now made photo and map reports default for all regardless if you set up mobile clock in for your company. We encourage you to try using our mobile timeclock especially on our improved kiosk version that will be released next week, which we’ll share more about next month!

No More Jet Lag

For those of you working with teams crossing multiple time zones, your overseas members are back to viewing the correct time from where they are.

Case of the Missing Map Pins

We’ve found the missing pins and they are back on your maps. Check your map reports, you should be able to see all the locations where your employees are clocking their time and see the details when you click on the pins.

Project Lists Fix

Some of you noticed that the Classic clock in page was not showing the right project list as per assigned.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to JustLogin’s support team: [email protected]

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