10 Halloween Costumes You Will Love


10 Halloween Costumes You Will Love

by Yi Ting
September 23, 2019

Halloween is a few weeks away, and it’s about time you started planning for your Halloween costume. There are many outfits that you would love to wear to work and stand out from the rest of the team. Here are the 10 outfits you can consider.

1. Games of Thrones character   

The Television Drama series has received a lot of attention this year and wearing a costume of one of the characters would be great. The outfits should be at least full to try and avoid nudity. Ice King Mask is an excellent idea as it is widely recognizable despite being unoriginal.

2. Boat Captain 

The headgear of a boat captain would be something that would stand out from the rest of the team if worn on Halloween. The cap should, however, match with the other outfit to bring out the captains look. You will look stunning in this kind of gear.

3. Harry Potter Character 

Turn into a Harry Potter character would require you to dress in a white-coloured shirt and a grey cardigan. The look is later completed with a striped tie, and there you are ‘Harry Potter.’

4. Hamburger Costume  

Are you more of a DIY person? Then here is your outfit. The hamburger costume will require you to have a light brown skirt and shirt. At the middle of the costume, you can add coloured fabrics such as orange, green, and red that will represent cheese fillings, lettuce and ketchup.

5. Superhero Outfit 

If you are a fan of superhero comics and movies, then a superhero outfit must be in your to-do list. The most comfortable and straightforward costume to have on Halloween is a superman t-shirt and a white shirt over it and some dark glasses on. While in the office you can unbutton the shirt and display the superhero you are.

6. Mad Scientist 

This costume will require one to have a white lab coat that will automatically send out the perception of a scientist. Also, you need some standard chemical apparatus such as a boiling tube, test tube or a conical flask. The contents of the flasks should be somehow scaring in that it should be coloured and if possible, a reaction should be occurring. The costume should be crowned with weird makeup on the face.

7. Cowboy

A simple cowboy costume, that will be all fun for Halloween excitement. You need to have denim jeans and a shirt as well. The moustache is also mandatory a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. You are good to go now.

8. Vampire

This costume you do not have to be extreme by having the blood capsules. You need a large-cap, some dark lipstick and artificial vampire teeth. Keep opening your mouth; you are probably scarier than you think. Stay away from little kids less you make them cry.

9. Cat woman

The costume is HR approved and seems pretty attractive. The cat ears and the whip complete the look. However, you do not have to whip anybody you could get into some serious trouble for doing so.

10. Athlete

Do you probably have some of the old gears that you had while playing games? This could be instruments such as baseball shirts, football jerseys and shoes as well. Then you can have your costume. Remember to carry tools such as the racket and baseball bat.  

At JustLogin, we believe in a fun and interactive environment for all our employees and hope to unwind the stress of a busy day. We hope these Halloween ideas will bring some fun to your company as well.  

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