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real-time visibility

The Importance of Real-Time Visibility in HR

In today’s organization, employees and managers have infinite amounts of data to inform decisions and give insight into how to...

let employees enjoy flexible working

Let Employees Enjoy the Perks of Flexible Working

As we enter the era of the mobile workforce, the concept of the modern workplace is also evolving. Gone are...

automating hr

Automating HR: A Luxury or Must-Have?

Technology is increasingly becoming a vital asset for most, if not all businesses. Bringing about the ability to automate various...

may day rally

May Day Rally 2018: Key Highlights

The 1st of May is dedicated as May Day (or Labour Day) in Singapore, as a mark of solidarity among...

Run Payroll More Efficiently

5 Ways to Run Payroll More Efficiently

12 hours. That’s how long the average small business owner spends on payroll functions each month. Have you ever thought...

Common Payroll Mistakes

5 Common Payroll Mistakes to Avoid

Dealing with payroll is part and parcel of a businesses’ operation process. Just as every employee needs their pay check,...

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