Painless asset tracking and assignment. Every asset counts.

Manage employee assets with ease

eAsset is a web-based asset management system that helps you manage and monitor your organization’s office assets from “cradle to grave”.

You can have a simple dashboard view of all company assets, such as computers and printers and maintain them more effectively.


Maximising your return on assets.

Asset Visibility

Each of your employees can view what assets they are currently holding on to, so the onus is on them to keep track of the items.

Stock Taking

With one click, you can do a quick stock taking of all the items that are currently in use, their age, and the asset assignee.

Transfer Assets

You can easily transfer items from one staff to another. They can also hand over items to their colleagues, with an approval that automatically gets sent to their managers.

Warranty Tracking

With IT products, you have the option to also track warranty dates. eAsset will automatically remind you when the warranty is about to end.

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