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Create your own business digital ecosystem by connecting JustLogin with popular apps. From accounting, to performance management and even recruitment, we’ve got you covered. Your seamless experience starts here.


Sync Payroll with your favourite accounting software to save time and reduce errors. Automatically sync payroll transactions with your accounting software after each pay run.


Xero is a beautiful, easy-to-use cloud platform for small businesses and advisors. Born as cloud-based accounting software, Xero has evolved to provide a full spectrum of connected tools and services that can help small businesses succeed.

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QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a financial management software built for your small business and approved by accountants.

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Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite is the leading integrated cloud business software suite, including business accounting, ERP, CRM and e-commerce software for more than 21,000 customers.

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Oracle Netsuite

NetSuite is the leading integrated cloud business software suite, including business accounting, ERP, CRM and e-commerce software for more than 21,000 customers.

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Background Screening

Sieve out wrong hires with proper background screening and due diligence of your candidates.


Avvanz is a Gold-Medal awarded Global Background Screening platform which enables you to thoroughly check on a person before hiring since more than 3 out of 10 resumes have discrepancies.

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Pay your employees through alternative methods like your credit card directly on Payroll through integrations with these payment platforms.


CardUp’s platform enables the payment and collection of big expenses using existing credit cards, in places where cards are not accepted today - like employee payroll.

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InstantPay powered by Liquid Group is an electronic funds transfer service designed to enables customers of participating banks in Singapore to transfer Singapore Dollars from one bank to another almost INSTANTLY!

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GetPaid is your ultimate financial wellbeing wingman! Providing employees access to wages that they have earned but not yet received. Crafted to offer a secure, convenient, and affordable way to access wages, bridging the gap between paychecks. 

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Performance Management

Sync your employees on JustLogin to your performance management solution for seamless access for both managers and employees.


Synergita is an Award Winning Employee Engagement and Performance Management Software with features such as OKR, KRA, KPI, 360 Degree, Employee Engagement, Continuous Feedback and Appraisals.

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Sync your new hire data to JustLogin as a new employee record through seamless integrations with these recruitment software.


As the software specialist in recruitment technology and automation in Southeast Asia, RecruiterPal empowers employers and professional recruiters to connect hiring teams with great talents seamlessly.

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Collaborative Apps

Create a collaborative work environment and increase productivity with the next generation of collaborative apps for hybrid work!
Microsoft Teams

Access to JustLogin account without the need to open a new tab or window and enjoy JustLogin’s features from within Microsoft Teams!

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Employee Engagement & Wellness


MyCLNQ Health makes healthcare more affordable and accessible by providing a comprehensive family healthcare ecosystem, which empowers patients to take care of themselves through greater understanding of well-being and engagement in getting personalised care.

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Xoxoday Empuls

Engage, Reward and Recognise your employees to build a high-performance team. Create a culture where your employees are engaged, collaborative, connected and empowered to perform at their best with Xoxoday Empuls.

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