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Our integrated, cloud-based HR solutions take the workload off your shoulders. Try it for yourself.

Business Continuity

Business as usual is easier said than done during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world slows down due to the global pandemic, businesses are forced to adapt to a new way of work. We’ve compiled some useful resources to help business owners and HR practitioners smoothly adjust into the new flow.

How Are We Different?

JustLogin saves you time and money with our integrated, cloud-based HR software solutions. With a modular management structure, regular software updates and ISO 27001 Certification, JustLogin is secure, flexible, scalable and efficient. When you use our HRM system in Singapore, fees are calculated both per person and per module, so that you only pay for the applications you need and the employees you have.

Award-Winning HR Applications

We’re proud to be awarded as Singapore’s #1 HR Software in 2018. Most of all, we’re proud to be working hard to make HR work for you.

Our Customers Their Stories

With over 2,000+ Customers, there are plenty of stories to share!
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JustLogin is a one-stop solution for all the HR management functions we need. The seamless software integration and flexibility of this HRM system allows for efficient completion of what would otherwise be tedious administrative duties.

We dramatically reduced the time we take to do our payroll. We don’t need to keep entering the same numbers in multiple systems anymore… Every minute that we save allows us to concentrate on doing more things that directly help us to achieve our mission.

JustLogin’s solutions have made our lives easier by automating these tedious HR tasks, allowing us to better focus on other aspects of our work. Time spent on leave, payroll and claim duties have been cut by over 60%.

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Our integrated, cloud-based HR software solutions take the workload off your shoulders, not add to it. No credit card required.

PSG Approved

Claim 70% of cost with PSG, a grant program available under Enterprise Singapore to help SMEs increase productivity and improve efficiency.

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